Engineers & Architects

Engineers and architects choose RidgeRock Retaining Walls for the quality product as well as superior support!

RidgeRock Retaining Walls have been proven durable, affordable and easy to install. Important to all engineers and architects; RidgeRock Retaining Walls also have a proven history and are offered in many superior aesthetic choices. Our technical support is second to none, and our staff engineers are available to assist at any time.

RidgeRock offers our engineers and architects a unique collection of benefits to using RidgeRock products:

  • A technically sound product developed by engineers for engineers and architects
  • Unsurpassed technical support and estimating services
  • Multiple block face designs, textures and color palettes
  • Unique user-friendly shear key system so pins and clips cannot be left out
  • Multiple wall layout options: straight lines, curves, corners and steps
  • Unbelievable, secure stacking heights up to 80 feet and beyond

Please view our list of engineering details below.

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Block Unit Details

RidgeRock Beveled Face Unit Detail
RidgeRock Straight Face Unit Detail
RidgeRock II FWPS Straight Face Unit Detail
RidgeRock II FWPS Beveled Face Unit Detail
RidgeRock II FWPS Convex Radius Detail
RidgeRock II FWPS Concave Radius Detail
RidgeRock II FWPS Cap Unit Detail
Cap Unit Detail

Railing Details

Rail Directly Behind Block
RidgeRock Rail In Block Detail
Typical Rail Detail

Construction Details

RidgeRock Radius Detail
RidgeRock Outside Corner Detail
RidgeRock Inside Corner Detail
Geogrid Splice Detail
Geogrid Placement in Radii
Step-by-Step Installation
Typical Cross Section

Special Application Details

Headwall Application
RidgeRock Headwall Connection Detail
Stair Construction Detail
RidgeRock II 9-Inch Parapet Detail
12-Inch Parapet Detail
24-Inch Parapet Detail
Traffic Parapet Detail

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