Retaining Walls

RidgeRock offers a wide array of earth retention products to meet any structural or aesthetic requirement. From our most economical concrete block to our high-end multi-piece system and an eco-friendly green option in our RidgeScape product. We have a solution to fit your every need!

Gridlok Geogrid

GridLok geogrids are high performance geogrids designed specifically for use in soil reinforcement applications. They are composed of high tenacity polyester yards, polymer coated for added protection against most naturally occurring chemicals, biological agents, installation damage and for resistance to harmful ultraviolet exposure.


Whether you are a commercial contractor, a landscape professional or a DIY-expert, we have all of the accessories you will need to complete your project!

Drainage Composite

Drainage composite board is constructed using a polystyrene core with a non-woven filter fabric bonded to one or both sides. This prevents soil intrusion into the core flow channels while allowing water to freely enter the drain core.

Drainage Pipe

Used for footing drain or chimney drain at back of reinforced zone. Drainage pipe is often available from your local RidgeRock supplier as a single wall HDPE perforated pipe with our without sock filter.

Filter Geotextile

Typical retaining wall use is to separate soil fill from drainage stone to prevent clogging of drainage stone with fine particles. We recommend these minimum properties for normal retaining wall applications. Multiple sizes available.

Cap Adheisive

This adhesive secures top caps to retaining walls. It is specifically manufactured for use with concrete products in outdoor environments. Check with your local manufacturer for availability.